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Our History

Our business is based on that we can create better future through our concept "Minaosu (reviewing) "and take a look again on our resources, environment, daily life and future.

Our Mission

Revolution is evolution.

Our mission is to create better future by finding new sustainable resources. 


Our History

Ape 2017 RE:ARTH established

Ape 2017 Mushroom sales started in Farmars' market "JinentoIchiba(Fushimi, Kyoto)"

​Oct 2017 Mushroom Revolution 5th experiment

Nov 2017 Speaker in the Pechakucha Night Kyoto

Nov 2017 Eco Tote sales in "Daishoukousai 2017" in Fushimi, Kyoto

Jan 2018 Eco Tote sales started in UCHINKU(Shodoshima, Kagawa)

May 2018 "Come to UCHINKU Vol.2"(Shodoshima, Kagawa)

About Hiroki Kurahashi (Founder)

Kurahashi studied political science at Ryukoku University, in Kyoto. During this time he became interested in African politics, later earning a Master's degree in Southern African Area Studyies at the Post-Graduate School iof Ryukoku University.

After finishing graduate school, Kurahashi traveled to Europe where he learned about Blue Economy and Chido's Mushroom while in Hungary. He then went to Zimbabwe to join Chido's Mushroom project. learning about mushroom cultivation by volunteering in the project. 

When Kurahashi returned to Japan, he started cultivating shiitake mushrooms as well as researching methods to grow mushrooms on coffee waste in Japan.

【Blue Economy】

​Blue Economy was introduced by Professor Gunter Pauli, who had been an adviser at United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan.

In 'The Blue Economy', many business models learned from nature's efficiency in order not to make wastes are introduced.

It explains the importance of mobilizing resources around us and employment and profit which occur sustainably and in a chain, not traditional market economics based on core competence. 

​【Meeting Chido】

Kurahashi became interested in "Chido's Mushroom" which was introduced in Blue Economy.

The project in Germany cooperates with coffee shops in town, grows mushroom and sell it in the local market. It received influence from Chido Govera who mobilize resources in local communities and grow mushrooms on them in different communities in Zimbabwe.

Kurahashi left his work in 2014 and then went to Zimbabwe to join Chido's Mushroom project. learning about mushroom cultivation by volunteering in the project.

【Starting RE:ARTH】

After coming back from Zimbabwe Kurahashi started experimenting growing shiitake mushroom on coffee waste and failed many times.

However, some coffee roasters told him that there are many wastes other than coffee in coffee industry. Then Kurahashi started thinking how he can reuse those wastes and make something useful.

This is how Recycled Eco Totes have started.

RE:ARTH has been founded in 2017 on purpose of growing mushroom on coffee wastes and effective reusing of wastes from coffee industry.


Our Mission


"RE:" meaning again and "Asu(tomorrow in Japanese)" and "Us" meaning our future.

It means

We should reconsider our daily life again and identify our vision towards future.

We keep seeking "Mottainai" in the society, always try to improve ourselves by keeping the soul of revolution and contribute to sustainable development.


「Getting rid of "Mottainai" from our society」

​We will keep seeking better quality of life and sustainable economy.

*"Mottainai" in Japanese means don't waste something!

Sustainability starts locally

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